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“He who has a generous eye will be blessed. For he gives of his bread to the poor.”

~ Proverbs 22:9


A generous heart means to give of oneself without expecting anything in return. To give and not want something from the person that is receiving your generosity. But the flip side of that is Jesus sees all and he is well pleased with our generous hearts.  He will then bless us in return. However, we should not give by thinking ‘what will this get for me from Jesus.’

The second part of this verse can be looked at in two ways. You could literally give food to the poor, which is great. But I’m thinking that the bread is the word of God and the poor are anyone who does not know the word. The bread is the love of God and the poor are those who have not experienced that love.

As a forgiven child of the Savior, it is my duty to speak of his word and use it to help those that are lost and confused. As his child, I show others His great love by way of my actions. The word “gives” means “to do.” Do for others what they cannot do for themselves. When somebody is broken and has a feeling of despair, that is the time to reach out and lift them out of that despair. For I, too, was at that point in my life and Jesus put out his hand and lifted me and I’ve been walking with Him ever since.

About 4 years ago, our youngest daughter joined the Army National Guard. I didn’t understand it at that time but now I do. I don’t know what actually happens at basic training, but this is what I think happens. The military’s training is to break a person down in order to raise them up to be a soldier. At their lowest point is when a person is most vulnerable. I saw that pain through my daughter’s letters so I did what I do best; I started sending my love to her. I didn’t just send letters every day with words of encouragement and scripture in them but included homemade baked goods, too.

It started off as just sweet goodies for her and then it grew. She started sharing the treats with her comrades. They loved them! I was sending big boxes every week and there was no way I could skip a week. At some point, my daughter told me about two soldiers in her unit who were not receiving mail from home. I had her get their addresses and I sent them their very own care package of goodies. She said it was awesome when they heard their name called out at mail time.

I soon became known as “Mama McD!” At graduation, one of them personally thanked me with a huge hug. Then, one day, I got a thank-you card in the mail from those awesome servicemen and women and I cried like a baby. Here I thought I was blessing them with my generosity but nope, they blessed me. That is when my passion for our comrades in arms began. It is also when His calling for my journey began, too. And to this day, there is nothing better than the feeling of fulfillment when reaching out and helping others.

I am at the beginning stages of our “4 C’s” cookie business – Christ, Cookies, Curt (my husband), and Connie — where I have already had opportunities to help others. I am not saying all of this to brag but to give God the glory for He has given me the strength and resources to make it happen. We have been able to donate gift boxes of cookies to numerous fundraisers for neighbors that have financial needs. We have also given cookies to the local food pantry.

As I envision our storefront that we will have in the near future, I see it as a way to give even more to our friends and families in the community where the Master plan includes:

Supporting children and their education


Begin a reading program where children can earn cookies by achieving their reading goals


Supporting our military, by giving back to the soldiers and their loved ones in the community through our version of “Operation Cookie Drop Zone” (Details coming soon!)

I also envision it as a place where one could come in to purchase a cookie or two and receive much more than them in return. Simply put, I want to love on people, to really get to know them, and to sincerely and wholeheartedly earn their trust and love. Whatever the need is – a hug, a smile, a prayer, a scripture, a “hang in there” word of encouragement, a “God bless you,” a cup of coffee, a “good morning,” a ride somewhere, a $20 bill, or just a place to sit and feel God’s presence – we will meet that need!

This is what I like to call “My God Plan”… and it’s going to be HUGE!!